Making a Difference

Small acts when duplicated by a group of people can transform a community.
Our community can only thrive when we all come together to create today what we want to see tomorrow. Your visionary contribution is the enthusiasm we are searching for to collectively create what is possible for Project Building Brockville. Ask yourself: “WHAT would you like to experience in your community?” And, “HOW can you be the one to make it happen?”

Together We Can

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that every has.” –Margaret Mead

We all have a say in how we want our community to look, and how we participate in it. What we want and what we say matters.  Project Building Brockville was born through a bold commitment to have small towns and rural communities thrive. We can strengthen the economy, provide better quality of life, and build on existing community assets by declaring “Together We Can.”  The following is a list of declarations we are committed to fulfilling while Building Brockville:

  • Better Living for Everyone.
  • Enhancing Lifestyle Experiences.
  • Our Social Agencies become Mainstream and have Long-Term Funding.
  • A New Sustainable Business Model for Community Hubs.
  • Have Brockville and the Surrounding Towns and Communities Thrive.
  • Create Sustainable, Social and Economic Growth for Each Citizen.
  • Attract Government Partnership.
  • Providing Balanced Locally-Sourced Nutrition.
  • Regional Tourism Destination.
  • Welcoming Bus Terminal.
  • Charging Stations for Electric Cars.
  • Outdoor Playground with Seasonal Recreational Activities.
  • Senior Programs and Lifestyle Club.
  • Creating Jobs and Nurturing Entrepreneurs.

Visionary Enterprise

Jameel Mahdani and our team of social enthusiasts, are beyond your traditional business minded people. Our vision is authentic, and purpose driven and through our long-term mission of being socially responsible we look at everyone in the community as our partner in change.

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